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Irrigation Design & Installation‏

Residential & Commercial
Complete design and installation which includes backflow prevention, water conservative design with as-built drawings,and local permitting.

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

Service Calls
There's a reason some call it your "IRRITATION system" our qualified technicians for any of your irrigation system needs.

Irrigation Re-Route/Addition
Do you need spray heads moved or maybe additional heads added to your system? We'll do it!

Irrigation Audit
Ever wanted‏ to take your water conservation to the next level?  Let us conduct an irrigation audit to find out just how efficient your system is.

Contract Maintenance Services‏

The "LBJ"
"Straight to the Lyndon Baines Johnson himself."
Fundamental turf care service that includes mowing, string trimming, edging & blower cleanup.  Additional maintenance items may be added to any visit at any time - starting at $45 per week

The "Lady Bird"
"Supreme care and attention to detail befitting of Lady Bird herself."
Our complete turf & landscape service includes mowing, string trimming, edging, & blower cleanup as well as fertilizer applications, irrigation scheduling & maintenance, simple tree pruning, insect, disease & weed control, and landscape bed maintenance. As a patron of our marquis service, we will provide the labor for full mulch and color change rotations twice per year. - starting at $65 per week

Additional Maintenance Services

Fertilizer Applications
From providing complete nutrition to preventing annual weeds, let our agronomist design a program.

Bed Maintenance
We clean‏ & maintain your existing landscape beds, add new compost or mulch, replace plants, etc.

Insect, Disease & Weed Control
At Sacate, we employ an IPM approach to pests but when an application needs to be made, let our TDA licensed applicator do it.

Annual Color
Nothing elevates your landscape like thoughtfully selected annual flowers that last an entire season.

Arbor Care
Whether a simple prune or a complete tree removal, our saws are ready for the work.

Leaf Cleanup
Complete gather, bag, and removal.  Why spend all day doing it yourself when we would be glad to do it for you?

Landscape Installation
We are your first choice for professional, reliable landscaping services.

Bed Installation/Renovation
We install & renovate all types of landscape beds

Sod Preparation/Installation
We'll prep your site & install any type of new sod

Drainage Solutions
Need to get rid of a swampy area?  Do slight rains wreak havoc on your mulch?  Call today to figure out intelligent solutions for pesky problems.

Landscape Lighting
Enhance your landscape's nighttime beauty with professionally installed lighting

Water Features
Let us install a tranquil new water feature into your outdoor living area

Masonry, Flagstone, Patios, Retaining Walls, Fire Pits
We install all types of hardscapes, such as flagstone walkways, patios, retaining walls & fire pits

Landscape Design‏
From residential to commercial, simple to complex, we can design your new landscape & outdoor living areas.

Traditional Texas Native
Core design that either meshes with the hill country around you or creates your own personal slice in a more urban area.  We're proud to use Texas-grown, Texas natives whenever possible.

Real Deal Xeriscaping
Many others try to sell xeriscapes that "reduce" the need for supplemental water.  At Sacate, we design true xeriscaping that will live and thrive with normal annual rainfall.

Wildflower Meadows
Would you love to bring one of Texas' greatest splendors directly to your home?  Let us design native areas with abundant flowers and grasses that have the same seasonal rotations as Ranch Road 12 to Wimberley.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Areas
There's nothing‏ finer than a spring or fall hill country evening and there's no better way to enjoy it than in a custom Sacate outdoor living space.

Intelligent.  Professional.  Reliable.

We're proud to offer a full line of services to address any of your landscape needs.  
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